"Loghain has no remorse about Ostagar."

"Loghain left those men to die and didn’t even care."

"Loghain is a murderer and his retreat was a betrayal."

Sorry, can’t hear you over the sound of reality. (x)

Dialogues like this are the reason everybody should spare Loghain at least once. Fascinatingly complex character.







mage by cherrysplice

This is disgusting on so many levels jesus fucking christ

First Fenris is clearly white-washed

Then sold back to Danarius ‘because it’s funny’

What the fuck

the artist who made this did it as a joke, I get you don’t find it funny but still..as for fenris being ‘white-washed’ that’s just that way the artist picked did it his skin is darker in the game and personally I like seeing fenris drawn with more accurate skin shading yes. but jeez i think your really looking into it too much,pretty sure the artist didn’t make this to cause offence tbh don’t call someones art disgusting okay you don’t like it but thats mean 

edit link of fenris with darker skin from same artist

No, it’s disgusting.There are things you shouldn’t joke about and this is one of them.

if you look at the link the author says in the comments they don’t agree with the slavery thing but I understand how this can cause offence, I just don’t feel it was meant to be made that way.

There is nothing at all to indicate in the artist’s comments on the source page or Biowarefangirlism’s tag that ‘they don’t agree with the slavery thing’

They’re very well known for posting extremely offensive problematic and offensive material often without sourcing and it needs to be called out on

This is a ridiculous and outlandish debate. IT’S A FUCKING WEBCOMIC about a FUCKING VIDEO GAME! Selling a fake person into slavery doesn’t mean someone is advocate of slavery. Holy shit I sold a child into Slavery on Fallout 3..I guess I’m a horrible and disgusting person who deserves to rot in hell. Honestly learn to separate fiction from reality.


Ray during the RT Recap at SXSW [x]




what the fucking hell is this




what the fucking hell is this



this is too great

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a love letter

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